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About us

Lankmeta UAB is one of the leading metal sheet bending companies in the Baltic States. The company was established on the 8th April 2002 in Panevėžys. The main Lankmeta UAB activity is cold bending metal profiles production.

Device park allows to produce a high quality sheet metal products for different branches of economy, such as construction, industry, trade, agriculture and individual customers.

We pay a great attention to the quality of our products. We use high quality raw materials from reliable suppliers. Metal sheets we use are of different quality: galvanized, ferrous, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.

There is a wide choice of our services as well: metal bending, cutting, laser cutting, unrolling, straightening and perforation.

The main factor of company success is a reliable affairs with business partners, prompt focus on customer needs and qualified specialists. We also have long-term export experience to East and West countries.

We value all our customers.