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Metallic hangars

-          Hangars are usually 6, 8, 10 and 12 m. wide.

-          Their height is up to 8 meters.

-          Distance between transverse frames 4 meters.

-          Hangars can be cold and warm.

-          Warm hangars are covered with sandwich-type multilayer sheets and profiled tin sheets, cold hangars are covered only with galvanised sheets.

-          Double sigma profiles are used for beams and pillars.

-          Knot sheets and screws join beams and pillars; this significantly simplifies and accelerates installation.

-          Soles are made of black metal. We laser-cut them (up to 20 mm thick) with holes, then weld and ship for galvanising, if requested by customer.

-          Roofs can be single-sloped or double-sloped. We offer our constructor services for load calculation or structures’ drawing.


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