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Metal profiles

Metal profiles

We produce L, U, C, Z, Sigma and Omega shaped certified profiles from galvanised steel S350GD+Z275MA for construction industry. 

Maximum length available:

  • Layout below 180 mm - 4 meters
  • Layout above 180 mm - 12 meters

Roof, wall and building frame structures made of lightweight galvanised metal profiles ensure fast and easy construction process. Main advantages of this kind of profiles:

-          Lightweight

-          Firmness

-          Easy transportation

-          Corrosion resistance

-          Quick installation


We produce customised profiles following client’s specification on length and cross-section. We perform load calculation and design works as well.

Galvanised sheets are supplied in rolls from renowned Scandinavian and Western Europe manufacturers; metal thickness goes from 0,5 till 3,2 mm, maximum profile length up to 12,36 mm.

State Enterprise “Construction Products Certification Centre” issued to Lankmeta UAB an “EC Production Control Certificate No. 1397-CPD-0393”. All construction profiles produced by  Lankmeta UAB comply with the Standard LST EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2012 requirements.

EC conformity declarations are issued for our products, material quality certificates are provided as well.


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