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Quality policy

Quality policy

uality means our responsible approach to customers’ needs satisfaction and provision of the best products and services.

Our main concern is the quality and reliability of the products that determine satisfaction and loyalty of our clients.

We control the quality on every step, starting from purchase of raw material and until delivery to the customer. Certified steel profiles have the Production Control Certificate No. 1397-CPD-0393 complying with the requirements of the standards LST EN 10346 and LST EN 10143 and the galvanized thermo profiles Z, U and C are certified with Production Control Certificate No. 1397-CPD-0473.


All products have Declaration of Performance issued with their invoice number, date, nomenclature of produced profiles and the type of raw material indicated.

Starting from the 25 October 2011 the company has quality, environmental protection and employees’ safety and health managing system integrated.

If we promise – we will do it!

 Lankmeta UAB produces and processes metal profiles and folded articles of different kind for local and foreign markets, aims to supply a quality product that meets the needs and expectations of the customers as well as seeks to improve the efficiency of environmental protection and employees’ safety and health. For this purpose we:

-          analyse customer requirements and assess our potential in terms of economy, technical and environmental aspects;

-          rationally use natural and other resources while reducing the negative impact of our activity to environment;

-          comply with legal and other operational requirements;

-          supervise and continuously improve quality, environmental protection and employees’ safety and health managing system, monitor and analyse its efficiency;

-          carry on environment pollution, occupational injuries and diseases prevention programme;

-          annually invest funds in equipment, machinery, monitoring equipment upgrading;

-          train our employees and encourage their improvement.