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Ventilated facade profiles

Ventilated facade profiles

Frame is the most important component of the ventilated facade building as it is intended to provide a solid foundation for a finishing material fastening.

We produce different metal profiles and mounting angles for installation and renovation of the ventilated facades of buildings, such as:

-          Mounting angles

-          Z-flex (half Z profile) profiles, thermal perforation is also available

-          T-flex profiles

-          L profiles

-          Omega profiles, as well as Omega profiles for embrasures

-          H profiles

-          Perforated plinth profiles

-          Ventilated omega profiles

-          Parapet anchors

-          Snow barriers, roof protection rails

-          Custom-made profiles and bent products of different sizes

You will find the list of the most popular profiles and mounting angles by clicking on the appropriate link.

Sizes can be customised.

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