L, U, C, Z, Sigma, Omega metal profiles

We produce L, U, C, Z, Sigma and Omega shaped metal profiles from galvanised steel S350GD+Z275MA with the length of up to 12 meters, tailored to the construction industry.

L, U, C, Z, Sigma, Omega metal profiles are produced following the client’s specification on length and cross-section. We perform load calculation and design works as well.

Galvanised metal sheets used for the production of L, U, C, Z, Sigma, Omega metal profiles are supplied in rolls from renowned Scandinavian and Western European manufacturers. Metal thickness varies from 0,5 to 3,2 mm.

Roof, wall and building frame structures made of lightweight galvanised metal profiles ensure fast and easy construction process.

Main advantages of this kind of metal profiles are light weight and firmness. These metal profiles are quick to install and easy to transport. Our metal profiles also have a decent corrosion resistance. Contact us to learn which metal profiles would suit your construction project the most.


Detailed specifications of our L, U, C, Z, Sigma, Omega metal profiles

LANKMETA UAB has the EC Production Control Certificate No. 1397-CPD-0393 issued by the State Enterprise Construction Products Certification Centre. All metal profiles, thermal profiles and profiles for ventilated facades that we produce comply with the Standard LST EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2012 requirements.

L-shaped profiles

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Z-shaped profiles

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U-shaped profiles

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Sigma-shaped profiles

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C-shaped profiles

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Omega-shaped profiles

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