Hangars assembled from sheet metal constructions

We produce galvanised stainless steel constructions for metal hangar manufacturing. Metal hangars are great for those who would like to quickly assemble a decent-sized additional building for various purposes.

In accordance with your request, our metal hangars from galvanised stainless steel can vary in width (6, 8, 10 or 12 meters), be up to 8 meters in height, while the length can be tailored to your needs.

Benefits and specifications of our metal hangars:

  • They can be warm, additionally covered with multiple layers of Sandwich type plates, and cold, if covered only with profiled tin plates;
  • Hangar beams and columns are connected with knot plates and bolts, which assures fast and easy hangar assembly;
  • Hangar padding, which is produced from black metal and cut with a laser, can be galvanised in accordance with your request;
  • There is a possibility to choose between single pitch roofs and double pitch roofs.

When ordering a hangar, we provide you with the opportunity to use our engineers’ services to calculate loads and draw construction schemes.


Solar plant constructions from bent sheet metal

We produce various metal constructions for solar energy stands and solar power plants.

As the demand for inexpensive renewable energy is increasing, solar plants are gaining popularity all around the world. These days, you can find them not only in huge solar plants, but also in small private properties.

Solar power plants offer a lot of opportunities: they can drastically reduce your energy consumption and energy bills, charge an electric vehicle, install various smart home systems for watering, heating, etc, making your living way more sustainable.

A substantial part of solar energy plant malfunctions in Europe arise because of improper mounting and wrongly chosen mounting components. That is why it is extremely important not to take solar power plant metal constructions in solar power plant projects for granted.

The specifications of solar power plant constructions need to be calculated in accordance with the European standards, taking into account the solar power plant location and its climate conditions. Wrong or nonexistent calculations might make safe operations of a solar power plant impossible.


Roof constructions from sheet metal for safety

Roof safety elements are extremely important. Due to the fact that the safety element range includes such metal constructions as parapet holders and safety railings, which protect both from falling, and from roof avalanches, they are useful both during the summer and during the winter, and they provide value for workers and building inhabitants.

We offer you to take care of the safety of yourself and the people around you by purchasing high quality roof addons produced for additional security. LANKMETA offers these sheet metal roof constructions: parapet holders, safety railings and roof gutters.

Well rounded safety solutions are obligatory both for newly built roofs and for the older ones. Sheet metal roof constructions offered by LANKMETA will be suitable both for new buildings and for the renovation of old buildings.

Benefits and specifications:

  • Produced from galvanised steel;
  • High longevity constructions;
  • Protects the people and the assets from the large falling icicles;
  • Manufactured in accordance with the specifications of your roof.

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