BF and BFP model profiles for floor concreting

We produce BF and BFP model profiles for concreting which will help you in your floor and other base layer concreting works as well as boost their quality and pace.

Using concrete profiles made by UAB LANKMETA, you can easily maintain the necessary concrete floor thickness, horizontality, and form the concrete slabs.

These profiles for floor concreting have a white plastic strip. If you are using BFP profiles for concreting with plastic strip, you can expect less damage to your construction equipment (i.e. vibrosion and abrasion tools).

Profiles for floor concreting are nivelated on metal poles (L, U or other type of profiles) that are hammered to the foundation. Usually, a screw is used to attach the profile for concreting to the poles. After that, profiles for floor concreting are fixated with concrete pillows 700 mm to 1000 mm from each other. Once concrete pillows harden, main concrete foundation is laid out.

Usually we leave holes each 200 mm in order to fit the armature, if there is a need to strengthen the concrete flooring with an armature net.


Detailed specifications of our BF and BFP profiles for floor concreting

LANKMETA UAB has the EC Production Control Certificate No. 1397-CPD-0393 issued by the State Enterprise Construction Products Certification Centre. All metal profiles, thermal profiles and profiles for ventilated facades that we produce comply with the Standard LST EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2012 requirements.

BF profiles for concreting

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BFP profiles for concreting

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